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October 06 2017

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The flower bloomed and faded. The sun rose and sank. The lover loved and went.
Virginia Woolf , Orlando
(via thelovejournals )
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Bottle Brush Trees

Jian Chong Min

October 05 2017

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They all float down here

So yeah, you can say I’m obsessed.
I spent more time on this then I should’ve, I can’t believe it’s done, fuck!

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Some Witchy Lesbians, courtesy of a National Lesbian Newsletter from 1975.

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I’m going to attempt drawing vampires each day this month! Wish me luck

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Costume designed by Charles LeMaire for Leslie Caron in The Man Who Understood Women, 1959.

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“It’s a rock fact”

Firts attempt at inktober

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s c a r r e d

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Tokyo Disneyland

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Annunciation in Nabokov and Starr
Mary Szybist

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NYC, May 2016

1. Hotel
2. Metropolitan Museum of Art
3. Morgan Library & Museum
4. Metropolitan Museum of Art (Manus X Machina exhibit, Dior 1949)

October 04 2017

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dance & dance?

Crazy Yearbook Quotes From Students Back in 1911





These alarming and quirky yearbook quotes are found inside Spokane High’s Class of 19111, which include some pretty bizarre ambitions. Some of them include “ambitions” of murdering the faculty and marrying a dwarf. Take a look at their perplexing words below.

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this is wonderful but i urge everybody to check out the original for more gems such as


its refreshing to know that we were and will always be little shits

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British facades | thedoorsofldn

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Scotney Castle Gardens, Kent, England by Mark

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